Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Migration to host failed with error Already Disconnected (195887150)

This is the first time i ever ran into this problem after installing a new ESXi host.  Added the host to our current vDS, moved into cluster and disabled maintenance mode.
Thought might be related to our newly upgrade 5.5, however seems a lot of people ran into same problem.


Migration to host <> failed with error Already disconnected (195887150).
vMotion migration [169942327:1389120124781890] failed writing stream completion: Already disconnected
vMotion migration [169942327:1389120124781890] failed to flush stream buffer: Already disconnected

vMotion migration [169942327:1389120124781890] socket connected returned: Already disconnected

VMware KB found on problem:

I tried all the regular fixes:

  • vmkping to and from the vmkernel port used for vmotion
  • verify DNS
  • restart the management agent on host given error.
    • /etc/init.d/hostd restart
    • /etc/init.d/vpxa restart
  • Verified time on the both hosts
  • Turned off Enable Migration in the Advanced Settings of the host and re-enabled it.
    • vSphere web client -> Manage tab -> Settings tab -> Advanced System Settings
    • Search for "migration"
    • Find Migrate.Enabled and set to 0(disabled)
  • Unchecked vmotion on the vmkernel port and re-enabled it.

Still this did not resolve my problem.


Change the IP address of the MVkernel adapter for vMotion traffic.  This seems to fix the problem.  I then  also changed the IP back to original and problem was still resolved.

The vMotion VMkernel adpater IP address was previously used but not on this server since new server.