Wednesday, August 12, 2015

vCenter Infrastructure navigator - re-register vCenter server extension

Ran into some issue with our vCenter server recently which caused the refresh icon to keep spinning (updating) and would slow down performance and also could not perform any searches.

VMware support could not figure out the problem but eventioally provided information to investigate our plugins.


Firstly we disable all the plugins and restarted vCenter server appliance services.
This caused the web client to crash whenever we selected the plugins!
Only way I found to fix this is:
-  Create copy of file /etc/vmware-vsphere-client/SerenityDB/serenity/ALL/client.package.states
-  Delete the original file
-  Close all browsers and login again.
-  All plugins should now again show enabled.
( Disclaimer:  I recommend contacting VMware support since this is not supported by VMware so please take snapshot&backup of VM and be careful)